Introduction to Employee Engagement


The PerformYard Employee Engagement Module allows all employees to complete anonymous pulse surveys, measure engagement and satisfaction factors from a predefined set of questions, including eNPS, and quickly and easily visualize and analyze the results across the company and for specific employee cohorts.  This functionality empowers a continuous feedback loop for HR administrators to measure the state of engagement and satisfaction across the organization, implement improvements, and analyze the data for signs of progress or opportunities for further improvement.

The Employee Engagement functionality consists of 3 core components:
  • Anonymous Pulse Survey
  • Analytics Dashboard for HR Administrators
  • Administrative Settings & Options

Pulse Surveys

The Pulse Survey can be sent to employees regularly, configurable by the company, but typically best sent every 2 to 3 weeks. Employees will be invited to complete the survey via an email notification. The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete and will ask a series of rating scale-type questions. The specific questions vary from survey to survey and, over time, help complete a picture of the factors contributing to employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Please note: The answers to the survey are anonymous, and HR administrators have no mechanism within PerformYard to see the results of a named employee's responses.

Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics Dashboard allows HR administrators to analyze the results of the pulse surveys and visualize the data from various perspectives, ranging from overall company satisfaction to the ability to drill down to specific engagement factors for certain cohorts of employees.  The dashboard offers several pages allowing administrators to drill down to detailed views from an overview page of company-wide employee view of satisfaction and engagement.  You can access the employee engagement analytics dashboard from the PerformYard top-level menu.

PerformYard Engagement Top Navigation

Overview Page

The overview page of the engagement dashboard provides a company-wide view of overall employee satisfaction and engagement for the selected period.  The Overall Satisfaction is calculated as the average of the individual satisfaction and engagement factors for the period. These factors are calculated based on employees' answers to the pulse survey questions. You can learn more about the overview page here.

Overview Page

Factors Drill-down Page

The employee engagement module measures employees' satisfaction across seven factors of satisfaction and engagement, including employees' perspectives on Role, Leadership, Trust, Opportunity, Organization, Management, and Fit. The various questions from the pulse survey contribute to the score of individual factors. You can learn more about the Factors drill-down page here.

Factors Drill-down Page

Cohorts Drill-down Page

In addition to viewing company-wide analytics about all employees of a company or organization, it is possible to analyze satisfaction and engagement data for groups of employees called Cohorts.  For example, a company might create a Cohort representing employees from a particular region or employees with a specific tenure (greater than one year, less than 90 days, etc.) The cohorts page provides the ability to compare cohorts to one another and to company-wide results.

Cohorts Drill-down Page

Please note that dashboard charts will not display results for a cohort, factor, or month if fewer than three unique respondents contribute answers to that question or factor to ensure the anonymity of survey takers.

eNPS Drill-down Page

The eNPS page offers the ability to drill down into the details of the company-wide eNPS results. eNPS measures the likelihood of an employee recommending your company or organization to others (for employment.) The score is calculated as the difference between the percentage of employees viewed as promoters and those considered detractors.  A positive eNPS score shows that the company has more promoters than detractors.  The Overview page displays the overall eNPS score across employees. You can learn more about eNPS here.

eNPS Drill-down Page

Questions Drill-down Page

The Questions page offers the ability to drill down into the answers to specific questions and look at these answers by employee cohort or overall for the company.

Questions Drill-down Page

Administrative Settings & Options

The Administrative Settings & Options page is found under the PerformYard administration area. The administration options offer the ability to control the frequency of the pulse survey and the definition of employee cohorts. You can learn more about administrative options here.

PerformYard Engagement Administration

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