Factors of Engagement and Satisfaction


The PerformYard Employee Engagement & Satisfaction module collects employee feedback across seven factors through predefined questions.

Engagement Factors

Factor Description
Role Measures employees' satisfaction with their job, responsibilities, and organizational role.
Management Measures employees' satisfaction with their direct managers and the direction they receive from their manager.
Leadership Measures employees' satisfaction with the company or organization's leadership and vision.
Organization Measures employees' satisfaction with their team, their company, and the company's direction.
Trust Measures employees' satisfaction with the company's recognition of accomplishments, measurement of performance, and treatment of employees.
Fit Measures employees' view of their fit within the company, sense of belonging, and alignment with company values.  
Opportunity Measures employees' satisfaction with opportunities for growth and advancement at the company.

Overall Satisfaction

An overall satisfaction score is calculated using the average across all available factors for a selected period. Each factor is weighed equally in calculating the overall score. The overall satisfaction is provided to offer a quick gauge of employee satisfaction. Still, HR Administrators are encouraged to look at the factors contributing to the overall score to get a fuller picture of the current state of employees' satisfaction and engagement.  Visualizations in the HR Administrator dashboard, like the radar charts, provide visibility into the components that make up the overall score.