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Intro for Employees & Managers

As an employee or a manager, these articles will help you get started.

9 articles

Intro for Admins

As an administrator, use these articles to start setting up PerformYard.

8 articles

Video Library

These videos are great resources for learning various PerformYard features.

22 articles

PerformYard Features


Articles that discuss how to set up, manage and complete reviews & review cycles.

25 articles


Articles that discuss how to create and manage goals at your organization.

9 articles


Articles that discuss how to give and manage feedback for your organization.

6 articles

Employee accounts & data

Articles for employees to update their accounts, and admins to manage all users.

8 articles


Articles all about individual and organizational notification settings.

4 articles

Workflows and To-Dos

Articles to help you set up and complete easy tasks and document signatures.

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Organization-wide Resources

Manage resources provided to all of your employees.

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Use PerformYard's lightweight reporting about data fields and features.

4 articles

IT, Authentication & Integrations

Manage sign on options and integrations with PerformYard.

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