Engagement Questions

The built-in satisfaction and engagement questions are Likert-5 scale questions covering seven engagement and satisfaction factors.  Employees are asked to rate these questions or statements on a scale from  Strongly Disagree (1) to Strongly Agree (5.)

Factor Statement
Role I am motivated to perform my best work in this organization.
My workload is reasonable for my role.
I understand the requirements of my job.
I understand how my job contributes to the success of the organization.
I understand how well I am doing in my day-to-day responsibilities.
My work is a positive challenge.
My role takes advantage of my skills.
I am involved in the decisions that directly affect my work.
I am happy with my current role.
I know what I need to do to be successful in my role.
I have access to the information I need to do my job effectively.
I have the autonomy I need to perform my job effectively.
The company's processes support getting my work done effectively.
Management My manager cares about my well-being.
My company offers the right amount of flexibility in working from home.
I have the right tools, equipment, and resources to do my job.
I have all the information I need to do my job.
I can get access to additional resources as I need them.
I have confidence in my manager's abilities.
My manager listens to my input.
My manager gives me the help and support I need.
My manager treats my work colleagues and me with respect.
My manager wants to see me succeed.
Leadership I have confidence in the leaders of the organization.
The organization's leaders keep people informed about what is happening.
The company's leaders recognize that people are vital to the company's success.
The company's leadership has communicated a vision that motivates me.
I have confidence in the organization's senior leadership.
Senior leaders are good role models.
Senior leaders keep the company informed about what's going on.
Senior leaders listen to other employees.
I trust the decisions of the company's senior leadership.
Organization My team members hold themselves accountable for results.
Our company's products and services are superior to those of our competitors.
Our company effectively directs resources toward its goals.
The company is in a position to succeed over the two to three years
I am proud to tell others that I am part of this organization.
I tell my friends that I work for a great company.
I care about our company.
The future for the company is bright.
The organization is successful.
Our company's products are of excellent quality.
Our company understands the needs of its customers.
Our customers are happy with our products.
Trust Performance evaluations at my company are fair.
The recognition and rewards for my work are fair.
The company honors its obligations to employees.
The company recognizes my work.
When someone is not delivering in their role, the company does something about it.
Our company recognizes and rewards deserving employees.
People notice when I go the extra mile at work.
Fit I believe in the mission of our company.
I believe in the values of our company.
I believe in the work our company performs.
My values align well with the company's values.
I belong in this company.
I can see myself being at this company two years from now.
I am inspired to do my best work by the company's mission.
My work ethic and style align with the company's approach to work.
I see how my work contributes to the company's goals and mission.
I can be my authentic self at work.
I don't feel discriminated against at work.
I feel a sense of purpose in my work.
Opportunity I have opportunities to develop skills needed for career progression.
I have opportunities to build skills relevant to my interests.
The company has good career opportunities for me.
I have access to the learning I need to do my job well.
My manager cares about my career goals and aspirations.
The organization contributes to my career development.
I see a path to developing my career in this company.

The application also offers the ability to add customized questions and an end-of-survey additional feedback question to the growing collection of built-in questions.  You can learn more about custom questions here.