Dashboard Factors Page

Factors Page

The Factors page enables the analysis of employee satisfaction and engagement down to individual factors and the ability to see any trends or shifts in ratings over time for individual factors.  An HR Administrator could, for example, visit this page to track if a recently instituted program has affected engagement or satisfaction ratings after being rolled out to employees or subsets of employees.

Factors Comparison Chart

Unlike most charts in the Engagement dashboard, the Factors comparison chart allows for visualizing individual (anonymous) employees and their ratings across two factors or comparing them to overall satisfaction.  An HR Administrator can switch the factors for visualization and look for potential clusters of employees that may indicate some opportunities for improvement.  In addition, when enabled, the employee's average rating (0..10) on the ENPS question is also visualized by coloring the employee's dot as red, yellow, or green for detractor, passive, or promoter.  When no eNPS information is available for that employee, the color dot is blue.

Satisfaction Factors Radar Chart

The Factors radar chart will show the scores for the individual factors contributing to the overall satisfaction rating for the selected cohorts and period. You can hover your mouse over a point to get a specific value representing the average score across all surveys and answers during the specified time range. You can select up to three cohorts for comparison with the company-wide satisfaction factor ratings.

Satisfaction Factor Heatmap

The Factor Heatmap table allows for comparing factors over time with the ability to filter the data by calendar year and individual cohort.   The column headers can initiate column sorting to more easily discover which factors were rated highest or lowest in a given month by employees or cohorts of employees.