Notification options

PerformYard allows every user to customize their own email notifications beyond the set of default notifications your organization has enabled. 

Want to learn more about notifications and what each option means?

To get started, select Settings in the navigation menu found by hovering over your avatar in the upper right-hand corner. Select Notifications in the left-hand menu if you are not defaulted there.

Daily/ASAP Notifications

The first page of notification settings allows you to define which notifications you’d like to get on a daily basis. You can customize each of these notifications to come one of two ways, grouped daily at a select time or sent as soon as possible (ASAP). If you choose the daily option you have the ability to select whether you will receive emails once or twice a day as well as what time you would receive those updates. Be sure to click the save button after you make changes to your once/twice daily time slots. 

Note that the daily email(s) will be sent based on the time(s) you have selected and the saved timezone in your account; read below if you need to change your timezone. If you select ASAP then an email notification will be sent to you within 20 minutes of that event taking place within PerformYard. 

For each notification you have three options to choose from: 

  • ASAP: You will be notified about new items within 20 minutes. 
  • Daily: You will be notified about these topics once or twice a day at times that you decide.
  • Off: You will not receive daily event notifications about this topic in your daily or ASAP notifications.

Weekly Digest

In addition to daily event notifications, you can receive a weekly digest summarizing past events and upcoming due dates. You can define the day of the week and timeframe during the day you’d like to receive the weekly digest. As with the daily email, the weekly digest will be sent based on the timeframe you have selected and the saved timezone in your account; read below if you need to change your timezone. 

For each topic available for the weekly digest, select On/Off to include them in the weekly email. If you select Off on each topic, you will disable your weekly digest entirely.

Timezone Settings

The menu in the upper left of your settings page also has a place to set your preferred time zone for notifications. Your organization may have set a default time zone, but you can update your own here if necessary. Search for your preferred timezone and click Update Timezone to change.

PerformYard will also suggest you change your time zone if it detects that your computer's time is in a different time zone than what is currently saved, as shown below.