Microsoft Teams Integration

Customers who use Microsoft Teams may add the PerformYard integration from the Microsoft AppSource to publish all Recognition from PerformYard to your preferred channel(s) within your available Teams. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to ensure the Teams integration is available in your account.

Please note, for accounts to appropriate work between Teams and PerformYard, the email addresses associated with each user need to be the same in both systems. Further, the user setting up the Teams integration must be an administrator in both Teams and PerformYard.

To initiate the Teams setup, navigate to Administration in the upper right. Open the Company Settings drop-down. Select Microsoft Teams Setup.

Select Begin Setup to initiate.

Then accept the necessary permissions for the PerformYard integtration.

Once done, allow the page in PerformYard to refresh after gathering the list of Teams that are available. In the sample below, there are three teams. The PerformYard app can be installed on one or more teams.

Choose a team on which to Install by clicking the Install button for that team. Once you have done so, that Team will be active as shown.

When installation is done for a specific team, a corresponding message will appear in Teams letting you know that PerformYard was installed on that specific team.
By default, the PerformYard app will be installed on the default channel for that team. Click Edit to view any specific team’s settings. Here you can:
  • Set the integration for that team to be Active or Inactive
  • Choose which channel(s) in which to post Company Feedback.

Once you have selected your appropriate Teams and Channels, any recognition given in PerformYard will appear in that channel in Teams. Names and content will be hyperlinks that will return you to PerformYard from Teams. 

Additional Notes
  • Uninstalling for a Team must be done in Microsoft Teams by visiting the Apps tab on the “Manage team” page.
  • On the list of available Teams in PerformYard, a refresh button is provided above the list of teams if you have uninstalled in Teams. The refresh will check the installation status in Teams and update accordingly.
  • You can reset the installation on a specific team if needed should PerformYard and Teams seem out of sync.