Basic navigation

Getting around PerformYard is primarily done through two menus available from the header at the top of the page - these are My Info and Company Info. Each of these has an associated set of PerformYard functions to which you can navigate. Please note that not all functions on the My Info and Company Info menus may be available to you and your organization.

My Info contains the major functions you may work within PerformYard on a regular basis:

  • Dashboard – See your activity stream, a calendar of upcoming or past events, goal progress/updates and outstanding items
  • Feedback - View any feedback you've received or notes you've taken (plus feedback about your direct reports if you are a manager in PerformYard)
  • Reviews – Complete individual performance reviews, view forms you have completed, reviews about yourself and your team (if you are a manager)
  • Goals – Create and track your professional goals and view your team's goals (if you are a manager)
  • Documents – Store and access performance-related documents; any completed signature request documents will be stored in your signed documents folder, this folder will not be visible unless you have signed documents

Company Info contains access to general information available about your organization:

  • Directory - Access a searchable directory of every employee in your organization
  • Org Chart - View a visual representation of your organization
  • Goals -
    • Alignment - Shows a dynamic view of the relationship of active goals to the organization's Top Goals
    • Overview - Includes a set of graphical representations of goal performance across the entire organization
  • Resources - Access company-related documents uploaded by your administrators

Administrators are able to view additional menu options on Company Info and also have access to a set of Administration functions accessed via a gear icon.