Aligning your goals

If goal alignment is being used in your organization, navigate to the Company Info - Goals page and select Alignment in the left-hand menu. This page opens with a view of an organization's top level goals. Top Goals are marked with a star in the top left corner of their display box throughout the Alignment page. By default, the organization's active top goals will appear, along with any other archived or complete top goals that are supported by any active goals.

Each Top Goal is displayed with the same basic information: goal name, assignee, progress, outlook, status, due date, and total number of supporting goals. If a user has permission to view the details for this goal, the icon in the top right will allow you to open the goal progress page in a new tab.

This page also allows you do to several things:

  • You can sort these by Name (alphabetically), Assignee, number of supporting goals, or progress.
  • You can search for goals by name.
  • You have several options for filtering goals: goal name, assignee, due date, category, status, and outlook. When using the filter, it will display both Top Goals that match the filter themselves OR Top Goals that are supported by other goals that match the filter requirements.

You can also click top goals to reveal any supporting goals in a list view.  This will allow you to drill down, level-by-level, to see all of an organization's aligned goals. If you have permissions, you can open the goal progress page for any of these supporting goals from the list view with the "open in new tab" icon. This list also notes if the goal is supported by any additional goals and, if so, how many.

You can click on any of these supporting goals to further explore alignment. You can see how the goal you're currently viewing relates back to a top-level goal through the horizontal series of goals at the top of the page.

All users are able to create new goals to support the goal they are viewing in the alignment page. In the above view, the Create Goal button will create a goal that aligns directly to the goal "Acquire $100K in new revenue," highlighted in blue at the top of the frame. You can check the blue highlight to be sure you are creating a new goal that aligns to the appropriate existing goal.

Users can also align to other public goals when creating their goals, using the selector. This selector will allow you to locate another goal via the search capabilities for: 

  • Title
  • Assignee
  • Category

This selector will filter the list of available goals based on your entries in those areas. You'll see the progress/outlook, name, assignee, due date and category for any searched goals. An example of using the selector appears below. Once you find the goal click on the name to select it. This will create the alignment of your goal to this one.