Reporting & Analytics (admin)


The PerformYard application offers several mechanisms to view a company's review and employee data.  The Reporting & Analytics area allows HR administrators to author custom reports that go above and beyond the available built-in data lists found in other application areas. 

The Reporting & Analytics home page enables you to manage existing reports and create new reports:

  • Employee reports - Employee reports provide a mechanism to create employee rosters or filtered lists of employees based on different criteria, for example, a list of employees whose salaries exceed $50,000.
  • Review reports - Review reports provide the ability to create reports that include data across review cycles for a company and analyze the answers to the various questions captured across those reviews. For example, creating a report showing answers to a similar question across ten years of different review cycles. 

To access the Reporting & Analytics area, click the Reporting & Analytics button (icon) on the top navigation bar of the application to the left of the administrator icon.

The Reporting & Analytics area offers a unified list of all previously created custom reports with the ability to view a report, delete a report, export a report to CSV, and the ability to create new custom reports.

Report List

All previously created custom reports are listed in the report list.  The report list is sortable, filterable, and searchable to make it easy to find the specific reports of interest.

Opening a Report

To open a previously created report, click the report's name from the list.

Opening a Report


The columns of the report list are sortable by clicking on the header of the individual columns. The first click will sort in descending order, and the second click with reverse the sort to ascending order.

Sorting the Report List


The report list is searchable, and searching will search all displayed fields, including Tags, report name, and author name, for example, searching for all reports authored by a particular HR administrator.


The report list support filtering to display and filter the list of reports by report type.  In the future, additional filters and report types will be offered on this filter panel.

  • Employee - the report list will be filtered to only show Employee type reports.
  • Review - the report list will be filtered to only show Review type reports.

Additional & Advanced Topics:

The report list offers an action menu, depicted as three dots on each row of the report list.

Deleting a report

Deleting a report will delete and remove the report from the list. Please note that there is no option to recover a previously deleted report once deleted.

In the future, additional options will be made available to the action menu.