Default notification settings (admin)

PerformYard allows Administrators to set up default notification settings for their organization. Users will always be able to further customize their preferences, but the organization’s default settings serve as their starting point. Your organization's default settings will be provisioned to every new user when they log into PerformYard for the first time. To start, navigate to Administration in the upper right and select Notifications from the left-hand menu.

Want to learn more about notifications and what each option means?

Daily Notifications

The first page of notification settings allows you to define which notifications users will receive on a daily basis. You can customize each of these notifications to come one of two ways, grouped daily at a select time or individually as soon as possible (ASAP). If you choose the daily option you will need to select whether employees will receive emails once or twice a day as well as what time they should receive those updates. If you select ASAP then an email notification will be sent to employees within 20 minutes of that event taking place within PerformYard.

For each notification topic, you have three options to choose from: 

  • ASAP: Employees will be notified about new items within 20 minutes. 
  • Daily: Employees will be notified about these topics once or twice a day at times that you decide.
  • Off: Employees will not receive daily event notifications about this topic via daily or ASAP notifications.

Weekly Digest

In addition to daily notifications, employees can receive a weekly digest summarizing past events and upcoming due dates. You can define the day of the week and timeframe during the day you’d like employees to receive the weekly digest and use the On/Off for individual topics to tailor the digest to better fit your organization's needs. If you select Off for every topic, you will disable the weekly digest.

Admin Weekly Digest

Administrators can receive an additional weekly email summarizing certain changes to employee information. You can select On/Off on each topic to include it in the default Admin weekly digest. If you select Off for each topic, no Administrators will get the digest by default, but they can turn it on in their personal settings if they’d prefer.

Default Timezone Settings

Your organization's default timezone will also be applied to all users when they first log into PerformYard. This timezone then determines when users will receive the notifications outlined above. To set your company's default timezone, go to the Home section of administration and click on the down arrow next to Company Settings. This will bring you to the home page of the Administration section. Select your default timezone and click the green Update Timezone button to save your preference.