Assigning workflows (admin)

Assigning and managing a workflow is done from the Workflows page under the Company Info menu.   The Workflows page contains 2 sections:

  • Workflows 
  • All To-Dos 


The workflows list shows all workflows assigned in the organization. You can filter this list for completed or incomplete workflows, filter by workflow name or subject, and sort by start date. You may additionally see indicators for overdue items in the to-do and unassigned to-dos in any workflow.

Staring a new Workflow

To start a new workflow for one or more employees, click Launch Workflow. Here you will be prompted to define the parameters for the workflow you are launching. This includes:

  • Choose a workflow template: Select the template that you want to assign.
  • Workflow name: Optionally rename the workflow. This is initially pre-populated with the template name, but you can customize as necessary to describe/title the workflow.
  • Start date: Select when you want the workflow to begin. Any to-do actions will not be available for users to complete until that day.

Assigning Employees

Next, choose one or more employees to whom you are assigning the workflow. Check the box to the left of each user you want to assign this workflow. Here you are selecting the Subject of the workflow. You can search for users with the search box or select all users in a group using the Groups link to the right of the search box. You may select one or more employees here.

Define To-Dos (Tasks)

Next you will review the various to-dos and assignments in the workflow template. You can re-assign any tasks as necessary, update the days to complete or add new to-dos.

You'll also be prompted to enter who is responsible for those to-dos that were assigned as "Other Employee" in the template by locating any yellow boxes where you can make selection(s).

Assign Backup Manager

Finally you will be prompted to assign a backup manager. This step will only occur if your template includes any assignments for “Employee's Manager.” In the event that a workflow subject does not have a manager, the selected employee will be assigned to complete those steps. When done, click Launch Workflow.

PerformYard will then assign the workflow to selected employees. A progress bar will appear to let you know those are being assigned, and you can then click Go To Workflows to return to the workflow list in Administration.

You will then see the details of those workflows you assigned, including the overall completion status, name of the workflow, subject and start date. From here click the name of the workflow to view its details. Here you will have the option to cancel the workflow, add new to-dos, and remove or edit existing to-dos. 

Assigned To-Dos

Each person assigned to-dos in the workflow will appear with three numbers next to their name to indicate their completion of assigned to-dos. Red numbers indicate overdue to-dos, while gray ones indicate in-progress ones and green indicate completed ones.

To remove or edit a to-do, use the gear icon next to the due date. If you edit a to-do, you will have the option to change the to-do description, assign (or re-assign) the to-do, change the due date, and attach a document to sign. Click Update To-Do to confirm changes. Please note that to-do's with signature request templates that have multiple signers are unable to be edited, they can only be removed.

To learn how to create a workflow template, click here.

All To-Dos

The All To-Dos list will show to-do items across all workflows and provide an all up view of all to-do items for an administrator.  You can learn more about the All To-Dos report here.