Workflow templates (admin)

To manage workflow templates navigate to Administration (the gear icon in the upper right), select Workflows & Signature Requests in the left hand menu, then select Workflows. You will see a list of all existing workflow templates and have the ability to build new ones. 

To edit an existing workflow, click on its name. To create a new workflow, click Create New Workflow Template. Start by naming your template, and then begin adding To-Do items to the list. Each to-do requires the description of the to-do, the person who will be assigned (called the actor - choosing from the employee, the employee's manager, another employee to be determined when the workflow is assigned or a specific employee named to be the actor each time the workflow is assigned) and the number of days the actor has to complete the to-do. When a workflow is launched all actors are able to begin working on their assigned to-do items. 

Create additional to-dos by clicking Add To-Do. You can have as many to-dos in a single workflow template as are necessary. 

You also have the option to include a document to be electronically signed as a to-do. First, click on the document icon to the left of the to-do name. Click to open the Signature Templates folder and select a listed document that you want to be signed. Note that signature templates do not require an Actor since the assignment is determined within the template itself and will be confirmed when the Workflow is launched. To learn how to create a signature template to add to your workflow, click here

To remove a to-do from the list, a red X icon will appear to the left of the to-do name. Click that X to remove. You can also re-order the to-dos by dragging and dropping using the three-bar icon to the far right.

Once your workflow is complete, click Save to store this workflow template. Then click Back to Workflow Templates to return to the workflow template list. Note that if you are editing an existing workflow, a Delete Template button will also appear at the bottom of the screen.