Employee details

The details page is set up to display your employee information in PerformYard. You’ll access this from the View More button at the bottom left of your dashboard. Your basic information, including name, title, manager and direct reports appear on the left below your picture, while the right-hand side contains additional information about you and your account. These data fields and their permissions are managed by your administrators. 

Individual names, such as your direct reports or manager, are links that will take you to that person's dashboard.

You will see a pencil button beneath your picture, this allows you to edit the various pieces of information about yourself and add/change your profile picture.

Additionally, the field names you see in the right-hand column are clickable where you can see a history of any data field. Further, on those pages, you can edit the field, provide an "as of" date for any change and offer any comments about a change.