Your dashboard

When logging into PerformYard you are defaulted to your Dashboard. The dashboard includes sections designed to help you know what’s going on and what you need to do in PerformYard. Certain features may not be utilized in your organization and therefore those items may not be visible on your dashboard.

On the left-hand side you will see your picture and name, the blue pencil will allow you to edit your profile, the blue triangle will open a welcome page and the orange question mark will prompt an introduction on how to use the dashboard.

Beneath the profile picture, you may find notifications or links to add review forms (if available). The dashboard contains a calendar and always shows the previous week, the current week and the next two weeks. Today is marked by a dot. On the calendar, days are shaded with blue based on how much activity is happening that day – whether it’s a due date for a goal, a new review form to complete, or a work anniversary. The greater the number of activities means the darker the blue. Click any date to see the activities for that day.

At the bottom-left you will see your basic contact information, your manager, along with a button to View More information – which will direct you to see your full employee detail page.

To the right of the contact info you will see the Activity Stream. This stream lists various actions that have occurred. These might include feedback received or the completion of a review form about you. If you manage other people, the activity stream will have a toggle to see activity for your direct reports. For everyone, you’ll also be able to access a Company Activity Stream which displays any new company resources available and public recognition.

Next you’ll see two blocks about Goals – Goal Progress and Current Goal Outlook. Goal progress shows your current average completion for active goals, the number of overdue goals and the number of unread goal updates you have. The current goal outlook shows a pie chart based on the outlooks you have selected for your active goals. If you’re a manager, you’ll see toggles to view these blocks based on your team member performance.

You’ll also have an Outstanding Items block that shows the to-dos and review forms you have to do. These include links to those items, along with the number outstanding for you to do (in the grey box) and the number of those that are overdue (in the red box).