Building forms (admin)

Your organization has the ability to create as many review forms as needed to conduct the various types of reviews that you want. To create and manage forms, navigate to the Reviews page in Administration where you can find Forms and Templates. Selecting Forms lists every review form for your organization, along with when that form was last updated and the number of questions in the form.

To edit an existing form, click the form name. To create a new form, click New Form. At this point, you will be editing or creating a new review form. You can name or re-name your form in the upper left. You will also see which templates, if any, this review form is used in.

To add a question, click Add Question and follow the wizard, starting with selecting the question type. There are 10 types of questions. These question types are:

  • Long answer – Text boxes where employees can write detailed answers; the most open ended question type
  • Multi-line answer – Bulleted lists where employees can add as many or as few bullets as they want
  • Numeric – Questions seeking an answer in the form of a number only; contains options for min/max and to allow decimals/integers
  • Date – Employees select a date using a calendar function
  • Multiple choice – Questions where employees can select from a pre-defined list of choices; maximum 20 answer choices. Default allows for selection of one choice; option exists to allow for multiple selections.
  • Instructions - Not truly a question type in that no answer options will be provided; instructions provides the opportunity to give information about the review and expectations
  • Rating scale - Questions where employees select from a pre-defined list, but where each point on the scale is converted into a numeric value such that it can be used in a Numeric calculation
  • Goal discussion - Provides the option for employees to select one or more of the subject's goals and discuss their achievement; may also include the option to rate performance on the goal
  • Goal creation - Allows the employee to create new goals for the subject employees one and a time
  • Numeric calculation - Questions that are automatically answered by addition or average calculations on other Numeric questions

Each question type includes question text and subtext. The question text will be larger when a user is answering a question; subtext provides the opportunity for more information. Depending on the question type, more options will be available.

This article describes each of the question types in depth along with images of how to set them up and what they look like in use. You can also learn more about specifically adding goal information to a review form by going to this article.

To the right of each question you will find a set of actions to manage the question under Controls. The controls menu includes options to Edit, Copy and Delete the question. Next to the controls is a caret that opens up the full properties for the question. You also have the ability to re-order questions by using the grippers and dragging the question to a new location.

The left-hand menu has a number of options beneath the Save button. These include:

  • Preview As PDF - Allows you to download a PDF version of the preview for ease of review and sharing.
  • Preview - Allows you to view an on-screen preview of the form
  • Save As Copy - Enabled you to duplicate the form. A copy will be saved with (Copy) appended to the name, which you can then update when editing that form
  • Save Form - Like the green button above, saves the current state of the form
  • Delete Form - Removes the form from PerformYard

An example of the preview appears below.