Goal-specific questions (admin)


PerformYard allows you to seamlessly transfer goal progress into a review form for a more accurate and straightforward discussion of goal achievement in the context of a review. When creating a review form, administrators can add Goal Discussion and Goal Creation questions to the form.

  • Goal Discussion allows the person completing the form to select from the review subject's goals and provide a comment in conjunction with seeing the current status of the goal.
  • Goal Creation allows the person completing the form to create new goals for the review subject directly from the review form and document which goals were created this way.

Keep in mind that you may want to include Goal Discussion and Goal Creation in either self-evaluation or manager review forms - keeping this functionality limited to users that normally have access to an employee's goals (e.g., the employee or their manager). As you likely do not want peers or other reviewers accessing goals this way, those types of reviewers will be unable to utilize these question types if assigned a form that includes either goal discussion or goal creation because they will not have appropriate permissions for the subject’s goals.

Adding a Goal Discussion or Goal Creation Question

To add the goal functions to a review form, edit the form by accessing it through the Administration section on the Reviews tab. Once you have located the form, use the Add Question function to create questions of the appropriate type. Note that you can include these questions anywhere in the form and can include multiple Goal Discussion or Goal Creation questions in a single form. That will create multiple places where you can discuss goals or create goals, which is good for providing additional instruction if you have multiple types or categories of goals.

For both Goal Discussion and Goal Creation, you can type question text and subtext as you would with any other question. 

Once you have added the question, the Goal Discussion will appear as shown below when used. The Goal Creation is also shown as below when used.

Scoring in Goal Discussion Questions

Goal discussion questions have additional options to allow respondents to score and optionally weigh an individual's performance for each goal. 

Goal Discussion Options

There are two approaches to assigning a rating or a score to a question:

  • Score Each Goal
  • Use a Rating Scale

Score Each Goal

A goal score provides for specifying a range of values for minimum and maximum. 

Score Each Goal

Use a Rating Scale

Offers the option to define and map textual or subjective ratings to a numeric score.

Use Rating Scale for Scoring Goal Discussion

Use of Goal Discussion Questions in Numeric Calculations

With either the use of a numeric score or the use of a rating scale, the scoring for each goal allows the goal discussion to be added to Numeric Calculation type questions. In that case, the values provided for all discussions will be averaged as part of the score. If you want the goals to be weighted, you can also check that option. The weighted value will then be used in any calculation of an average for goal discussion.

Note: Any goal-specific questions in an external review form will not be shown or answerable as these are limited to users with appropriate permissions.