Forms, templates, cycles (admin)

Reviews in PerformYard are customizable to match the performance process at your organization. These can be performance check-ins, manager reviews, self evaluations or peer reviews - whatever your organization would like to set up. Here are the basics about what makes up a review.

Forms: Review forms are the basic building block of a review and include the questions that are answered in a review process. You'll designate who will fill out each form - meaning, who will answer a set of questions about a review subject. Learn more about review forms here.

Templates: Review templates are the set of forms and default parameters that are assigned for a review. These templates designate which forms are part of a review, who completes each form, who signs off on each form, the number of days the form is open for completion and whether or not the form is visible to the review's subject. Learn more about review templates here.

Cycles: Review cycles are the assignment of the same template to a set of people. These are typically done for groups where each person is going to be reviewed using the same forms/assignments and along the same timeline. Cycles also allow you to get visualizations of review data across multiple subjects. Learn more about review cycles here.