Goal questions in a review


Review forms may include specific questions designed to allow reviewers to either discuss the progress of existing goals or create new goals for the review subject, all directly from a review form. If these questions are included in a review form that you are completing, it's very easy to select or add goals.

If your review form includes a Goal Discussion question prompting you to provide commentary on existing goals, you will see question text and instructions that precede a goal selector. If your review form includes a Goal Creation question where you can add new goals, you will see text/instructions and a button labeled Create Goal.

Choosing Existing Goals for Discussion

To provide discussion about goals, you can either select Choose a goal where you can select goals individually or Select all active goals where all currently active goals will be included with a single click.

If you select Choose a goal then a goal selection window will appear. Active goals are shown by default, though you can also select to display Archived or Completed goals. You can also filter goals by name or category. Check the box to the left of each goal you wish to discuss, and then click Discuss.

Once you have added goals, you’ll be provided with a text box to comment on the goal. You will also see the due date, current progress, outlook, and status of the goal. The name of the goal is also a hyperlink to the details of that goal. 

Optional Scoring and Weighting of Goals

If selected, your goal discussion may also request a score or rating for the goal and weight based on its importance relative to other goals you are discussing.

Removing Goals from Discussion

You can remove a goal that you selected from the discussion section by using the X in the upper right above the comment box. At any time, you can also add more goals to the list by using the goal selector. Click the goal name to open the details page of the goal in a new tab.

Creating New Goal for Discussion

For goal creation, to create new goals for a review's subject, you can click Create Goal.

This will bring up the Create Goal wizard where you can provide all of the details for the goal. You can use the Advanced Options if needed. After entering the goal’s details, click Create Goal. If you do not want to add a goal, click Cancel.

Once the goal has been created, it will appear in the list. You can then create as many goals as you want, and their names will be included in the review form. Note that when the goal is created, it will be listed on the subject employee's Goals list immediately, even if the form is not completed.

After discussing or creating goals in a review, click either Save for Later or Submit to store your answers.