Sample: Creating Employees with Zapier and the PerformYard API


If you are on a PerformYard Enterprise account, you can set up one or more API keys to update and maintain employee data via the API. The API can be used to create, read, update, or deactivate employees. In this article, we'll be providing a walkthrough of connecting Zapier to PerformYard for the purpose of creating employees. Please confirm that the API is available in your PerformYard account with your Customer Success Manager. 

Integrating with Zapier will allow you to connect PerformYard to 6000+ apps. The methods described in this article can be applied to all supported Zapier apps you wish to use in your workflows. Note, the Webhooks by Zapier app referenced in this article is a premium feature that is available during your Zapier free trial. Lastly, we'll be using the Google Sheets app in this sample. If you wish to follow along using this app, please make sure you have the relevant account information available.

Getting Started

To get started, create an API Key in PerformYard as described in this article. Save the APY Key details to be used later. 

Adding your Google Sheet

In Google Drive, create a Google Sheet with the following values. Note, Zapier will require access to this Google Sheet in the next step.

First Name Last Name Email Job Title Employee Status
Mark Smith Engineer activatedCreating your Zap 

In Zapier, log in to your account and navigate to your dashboard.

On the left menu, click Create Zap.

Select your trigger and choose  Google Sheets.

Next, select  New Spreadsheet Row.

If you haven't already, add your Google Drive account containing the Sheet and click Continue.

Select the Spreadsheet and Worksheet.

After continuing, click Test Trigger, select the record, and choose Continue with selected record.

You'll be prompted to select an action where you can choose Webhooks by Zapier.Select POST as your Event.After continuing, enter the following URL value.

Choose json as the Payload Type.

Add key-value pairs in the body of the request as defined in the API Reference. This defines the data to transfer from the Google Sheet row. Add the key to the text box on the left and select the relevant data point on the right.

Add the rest of the key-value pairs.

Select Yes for Wrap Request in Array

Enter the x-api-key and x-api-id headers. These are the saved values from the create API Key step.

Click Continue and then select Test Action. 

Please note: this will add the user to your PerformYard company when successful.

You should receive a response that of Employee(s) Created.

If you'd like to continue using this zap, click Publish. Now, each time an employee is added to your Sheet, Zapier will attempt to create a new PerformYard employee.