SFTP File Upload

PerformYard allows organizations to set up a recurring SFTP file upload to update and maintain employee data via CSV. SFTP can be used to update data within existing employee accounts, create new employee accounts and, if enabled, deactivate employee accounts for users not found in the CSV file. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this capability for your organization and set up a discussion regarding configuration.

Once enabled, find SFTP Setup in the left-hand menu of administration. Click Add SFTP Integration to get started.
Provide a name of the setup that will be displayed in log files. Choose if you want the initial setup to be in Test Mode.

If you choose to enable Testing Mode, any files uploaded via SFTP will be processed for review to determine if there are any issues with the setup, but no updates will be made within PerformYard. This means data will not be updated, employee accounts will not be added and others will not be deactivated. Further, testing mode will not be subject to the same limitations of upload periodicity.
Next, enter any email addresses where you want to receive notifications of SFTP upload completion. This can include multiple email addresses or a distribution list.
Finally, complete the setup by adding the SFTP integration.
Once the initial setup has occurred, you can access the necessary URL to configure your SFTP product to send files to PerformYard. You can also click on the name of the SFTP setup in the list to display the file transfer location. Copy this location.

Additionally, save the middle 24 character hexadecimal entry (displayed in bold based the above example - sftp.performyard.com/ 51db13a4dd24292eb9876f40/5f9837718c755500088a5c98/). This will be your username for security purposes. This username, when combined with your password, will be required to transfer files.
Generate your initial password by clicking Generate SFTP Password. Unmask the password by clicking the eye icon. Copy this password. If needed you can generate a new password clicking Update Password, or disable use of the password by clicking Disable Password.
To configure your CSV file, please ensure that your column headers match the PerformYard data field names exactly. At a minimum, your CSV must include Email addresses, but then can include any additional data fields you would like to update, as with any standard CSV upload.
Once a CSV is uploaded, PerformYard will make updates to existing accounts where the email address has matched. Further, where an email address has not been found to correspond to an existing PerformYard account, a new employee account will be created. If an email address in the spreadsheet corresponds to a previously deactivated account, that account will be reinstated.
Additional notes and options:
  • Backup data field. While the default be to use email address when matching accounts, PerformYard can be configured to look at a unique backup data field that already exists within your PerformYard account should a new email address be found in the CSV. If the backup data field matches, the email on the associated account will be updated rather than creating a new account for the new email address. Confirm this setup with your customer success manager.
  • Deactivate missing employees. Standard SFTP configuration will not automatically deactivate any employees and will require an administrator to terminate employees (either invidiually or in bulk). However, there is an option to deactivate any users that are not found in the CSV. The absence of an employee (by email address) would result in deactivating their account with a termination date matching the CSV upload date. If you select this option, there is a mass deactivation backstop if more than 10% of your users would be deactivated based on a single CSV to prevent accidental bulk deactivation should there be an issue with the CSV. Confirm this setup with your customer success manager.
Once configured and your organization is sending CSV files to PerformYard via non-test SFTP, PerformYard will process files no more frequently than once every 24 hours. If a prior file has been processed within 24 hours, the file will not be processed. The next file, once past 24 hours, will then be processed. That said, you can still upload files via manual CSV as needed outside of this process.
The email address(es) configured in the setup for the SFTP integration will receive a confirmation email for each upload that will include if the upload was completed, completed with errors, not completed or if the mass deactivation backstop was triggered. Those emails will direct users to the integration logs as needed.
The integration logs, found by selecting Integration Logs in the left hand menu of administration, will display a history of uploads along with the status of each sync.
These logs will include the status of each upload, the name of the integration (in the event you have more than once) and then various counts regarding your employees, along with the completion date. Click any specific log to view its details.
Each log provides content about the upload, including the number of employees with or without updates, as well as those created. You can also access the CSV that was uploaded for a detailed understanding of the file uploaded. The employee list can also be filtered by status (Created, Skipped, Synced, No Updates) as appropriate.