Data Fields (admin)

PerformYard includes a standard set of fields for collecting data about employees and, more importantly, the ability for administrators to add and customize any data fields they want to capture. To manage data fields, navigate to the Data Fields page within Administration. Here you'll find a list of every data field currently in use. The list of data fields includes not just the field name, but also tags, type, visibility and edit permissions for the field.

To create a new field, click Add Field and complete the inputs to set the appropriate details for that new field.

  • Name the field
  • Select the field type. PerformYard includes the nine field types. Depending on the type you select, you may be asked for additional information.
    • Text: A text field designed for a short answer
    • Large Text Box: A text field designed for a longer answer
    • Numeric: A field expecting a number
    • Monetary: A field expecting a dollar value
    • Date: A field where you will select a date
    • Multi-select: A field where you may choose many from a defined list
    • Single-select: A field where you may choose one from a defined list
    • Person: A selection field where you choose from any PerformYard user
    • People: Similar to person, but where you can select multiple people at once from any PerformYard users
    • Phone: A text field to include a telephone number
  • Determine visibility for the field. A field can be visible to:
    • Everyone, representing all active employees in PerformYard
    • Admins only (solely the administrators/billing administrators)
    • Employee and Admins Only, which includes the employee whom the data is about and all administrators
    • Manager and Admins Only, to representing the subject employee’s manager (including chain of command) and administrators
    • Employee, Manager and Admins Only, to include the employee, his/her manager/chain of command and administrators, but excluding all other employees
  • Determine who can edit the field. Editing permissions require that the user(s) have visibility permissions. A field can be edited by:
    • Admins only
    • Employee and Admins Only
    • Manager and Admins Only
    • Employee, Manager and Admins Only
  • Create any tags to generally describe the field; tags will be used to filter the view of all data fields by like items.
    • Tag a data field with "notify" to identify those fields for which you want changes to appear in the administrator weekly notification. When a field tagged "notify" is changed, that will be communicated to an administrator.

To change or delete any field, click Edit or remove fields. The clicking Edit will open the field details where you can update the field's properties such as visibility. Clicking Remove will delete the field and all associated data/history for each employee. Click Done editing fields to commit any changes.

The order in which fields appear in the administration list is the order in which they will appear on any employee's details page (as well as the Edit Employee page). That said, if an employee does not have access to view a field (either for themselves or someone else), the field will not appear as they view the details page. To change the order of the fields, select the Reorder fields button. Those fields that you can reorder are indicated by three horizontal bars to the left of the field name.

Drag the field to the preferred location. Click Save order to commit the change in order.