Single Sign On and Authentication Options

By default, PerformYard provides options for users to log in via email and user-defined password or via Google/Office365 single sign-on (SSO).

In this article, you can find other options related to SSO and authentication.

HRIS/Integration partners

For payroll/HRIS integration, you can allow ADP or BambooHR as login methods if your organization has that integration set up.

Identity applications

PerformYard can be found in the application libraries for Okta and OneLogin. Please reference the attached instructions to set up either of these methods after contacting your customer success manager to enable it for you.

Custom SAML-based authentication

Most SAML-based providers can be configured with PerformYard, although those configurations depend on the specific system that you are using. Please contact your customer success manager to enable the SAML option in your account; your customer success manager can potentially provide specific instructions depending on your SAML provider (e.g. Microsoft Azure), although the most generic instructions are attached.

Restricting authentication options

Beyond adding additional authentication option(s), PerformYard can also be configured to regulate potential login options to just those that you specify for your organization. This means you may choose to eliminate email and user-defined password as an option. Note that if you do eliminate that option, the PerformYard new user invitation will be modified slightly to direct users to the login page which will show approved methods and not prompt the user to set a password.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager to enable your ability to restrict login methods. Once that is enabled, you can toggle authentication methods from on to off or vice versa as shown below.

IP Whitelisting

PerformYard also allows your organization to restrict access to PerformYard from specific IP addresses for your users. If you are interested in this option, please contact your customer success manager and reference these instructions.