Signature requests (admin)

To create a Signature Request Template as an Admin you first must upload a PDF copy of the document to Company Resources or your personal Documents folder.  The document to upload must be a PDF and should be no more than four pages in length. To learn more about uploading documents to Company Resources click here

Once the document is uploaded, navigate to Administration (the gear icon in the upper right), select Workflows & Signature Requests in the left hand menu, and then select Signature Requests. You will see a list of all existing signature request templates and have the ability to build new ones.

To edit an existing template, click on its name. To create a new signature request, click Create New Signature Request Template. Click Attach Document Signing, select the document within the appropriate folder, and click Add Document.

The document added will appear on the left hand side of the window and the right hand side of the window will be where the inputs are created.

*PLEASE NOTE: All pages in your PDF need to be consistently sized, meaning that if you have a multi-page document, each page should have the same dimensions (e.g. all US letter 8.5"x11"). A PDF that has been created with pages of differing sizes/orientations may not format properly.

First, name your template and then identify the specific order employees will work on a single document.  Multiple employees are able to contribute to a single signed document. Participants may include the employee (the subject of the Workflow), the employee's manager, or another employee to be determined when the workflow is assigned. Next, click which user you want to create inputs for (see the orange arrow in the screenshot below for the space to click, the area will turn blue). 

Click Create Input, choose the type (signature, initials, checkbox, text box, date box, data field) and provide instructions.

Then click Select Position and draw a box on the document in the area where you want the signature to appear, click Confirm, and finalize the input by clicking Add Entry. If you have additional inputs on the form, such as the date or a location to input today's date, you can repeat the process.

Once your template is complete, click Create to save and store your template for use in future workflows.