Bulk deactivation (admin)

In addition to the employee-by-employee method to deactivate users, PerformYard allows administrators to deactivate multiple employees at one time. From the employee list, find Deactivate Employees under the Options menu to get started.

On the Deactivate Employees page, begin to check the box to the left of the employee(s) you wish to deactivate.

In addition to selecting users individually, you may use the Groups option to select all employees that are members of a group in PerformYard.

Once you have selected at least one employee, the Deactivate button will turn red along with a count of the number of users to be deactivated. You may page through all of your users or search to find individuals by name.

Click Deactivate once you have selected your users. At the prompt, determine the date for each employee's termination date. All employees deactivated at the same time will receive this termination date. Click Deactivate again to begin the process of deactivating all selected users. Once done, you will be redirected back to the Employee list page.

Please note that if a termination date has already been entered for any employee, that date will remain unchanged and the selected date will not overwrite the existing one.

Another item to keep in mind is that using a future termination date will not schedule an employee's termination action to take place on that date. PerformYard will still immediately deactivate the user and apply the termination date to that employee's information.

If you have a large number of employees to deactivate with various termination dates, you may wish to do an import for those employees to include their termination date. To further streamline that process, you may choose to create a group in which you place all of those users.For example, if you place all users to be terminated into a group called "Terminations" they can then be selected all at once using the Groups selection described above.