Employee documents

PerformYard allows you to upload and manage documents. These can include many different documents, such as past reviews, copies of feedback you have received, projects you completed or anything else you want to include. Additionally, you can access a set of company documents by clicking on the Company Documents link in your file list and you can download any signed documents you may have by clicking on Signed Documents.


  • Company Documents are also available via the Resources link from Company Info
  • Signed Documents folder will only appear on the file list if you have completed a signed document within PerformYard

To view and upload your own documents, navigate to your Documents tab. To download any file, click on the file and select Download.

To add a document, click Upload Documents on the left hand side. Select the view permissions for the file(s) you are going to upload. With regard to permissions, you can set if your manager also has permission to view and download the document. If you give "Management" permission to see the file, your PerformYard manager will be able to see the file from your Documents tab. This selection also grants your manager's manager and anyone else above them in your chain of command visibility. Note that administrators always have access to view/download any file.

Next, you can:

  • Click Choose Files and use the file picker to select one or more documents to upload
  • Drag and drop one or more documents onto the page

If you uploaded the file, you’ll then have permissions to edit it, which includes changing the display name of the file and updating the permissions. For files that others (e.g. manager, administrator) uploaded, you may not have permission to edit or delete the file.


  • Certain file types (such as executable files) and/or file sizes may be restricted.
  • Multiple file selection and drag & drop functionality may not be available on all browsers.