Feedback options (admin)

When Feedback is enabled for an organization, there are a number of options that administrators can set to limit the types of feedback that can be provided by employees. Within the Administration section, click the Feedback link in the left-hand menu to view/change these options.

The Permissions options may be toggled on/off depending on what you want to offer. You can check and uncheck these options and click Update to save your preferences. Note that these options will apply to everyone in your organization.

  • Allow feedback to be shared with everyone - This is our fully public recognition option where employees can provide public recognition to anyone else.
  • Allow one on one feedback (feedback shared with a specific user) - This is feedback that one employee may give directly to another (or a group of others). This is not visible to an employee's manager unless the next option is also selected when a user gives the feedback.
  • Allow feedback to be shared with subject's manager - This feedback option allows a user to give feedback about another employee to that employee's manager. This can be done in conjunction with the previous permission or separately.
  • Allow notes (feedback shared with no one) - This allows any employee to save a private note about any subject, including themselves.
    • Allow user's notes about themselves to be shared with their manager - This option lets a user share a private note about themselves only with their manager. This option is required to be turned on if both "Allow notes" and "Allow feedback to be shared with subject's manager" are on.
  • Allow feedback requests - This enables one employee to submit a feedback request to another employee. The employee from whom feedback has been requested can choose to provide feedback based on the other permissions provided.

The Reportable Hashtags are company-suggested hashtags that users may include in their feedback for reporting purposes. These hashtags are not required, and users can add others of their own choosing, but only these hashtags will appear as filtering options in the Feedback Report. To add a hashtag, enter the content and click Add Hashtags.