Using feedback as a manager

As a manager, you will have two ways to view feedback about your direct reports. First, you can find the list of My Team’s Feedback on your own feedback page. Second, you can navigate to your direct report’s feedback page and see feedback about that person and notes that person has shared.

On your own feedback page, select My Team’s Feedback. This list will include all feedback about direct reports that has been shared with the manager; this will include recognition (that’s public to everyone) as well as other feedback about my team members where the audience includes the subject’s manager. This will only include feedback about your direct reports and not users further down the chain of command.

As a manager, when you navigate to another user’s Feedback page, you will see different options on that page than you would for another user to whom you do not have a manager relationship. In addition to seeing all recognition that person has received, you will also see all feedback about the employee that has been shared with the subject’s manager. As a manager, you'll also see a link to Notes (Name) has shared that includes any note the employee shared with you as their manager.

Keep in mind that the manager relationship extends to further down the chain of command, so managers will be able to access the same information for their direct reports’ direct reports and so on.