Viewing feedback

To view any feedback you've received or notes you've taken (plus feedback about your direct reports if you are a manager in PerformYard), you'll click the Feedback link in the My Info menu. Here you'll have menu options on the left-hand side for various lists, depending on your permissions and what feedback options have been made available to your organization.

These lists include:

  • Feedback About Me - Any feedback that has been given to me by another employee that I can view. This could be recognition about me or direct feedback that may/may not also be visible to my manager.
  • Feedback I've Given - All feedback that I have given about other employees that has been given as recognition, shared with them directly or shared with their manager.
  • My Team's Feedback - All feedback about my direct reports that has been shared with me; this will include recognition as well as other feedback about my team members where I'm included in the audience as their manager.
  • My Notes - My notes about others and my notes about myself that I may or may not have shared with my manager.

After you select one of those lists, you'll see the corresponding feedback listed in the middle organized by date and either author or subject. Select any feedback to see the full content at right, including the subject(s), author, audience of the feedback (in blue), details and date.

If it's something you have written (on the Feedback I've Given list or the My Notes list), you'll additionally see options to edit/delete the feedback (with the pencil and trash icons).

These lists can also be filtered using the Add Filters link in the upper left. With these filters, you can:

  • Change the chronological sort between newest first and oldest first
  • Filter by subject or author by typing in an employee’s name and selecting that person from the list; the option for subject or author depends on if it's feedback you have given (where you filter by subject) or if you're the recipient (where you filter by author); for managers looking at team feedback, you can filter by author and subject
  • Use date ranges by providing After and/or Before dates to restrict the list to those notes that fit that timeframe
  • Filter by company defined hashtags used in the feedback

After adding any filters, click Apply Filters.  To remove filters, click the clear link above any filter.

You can export your feedback to a .CSV file by clicking on the link below the notes list. Any applied filters will extend to the export.

If you are viewing another user's Feedback page, you will see slightly different menu options depending on your relationship to the employee. In most cases, you will see Feedback About (Name) where you can view any recognition given to that employee. If you are a manager viewing one of your direct reports, that list will additionally include feedback about the employee that has been shared with you as their manager. 

As a manager, you'll also see a link to Notes (Name) has shared that includes any note the employee shared with you as their manager.