Giving feedback

Feedback is a feature to provide a number of different types of input to others in your organization. Feedback can be recognition that's visible to everyone, something shared directly with another user, or even notes that you want to keep for yourself.

A few important items:

  • Options that you have for feedback may be limited at your organization, so each of the options shown below may not appear for you. We recommend discussing with your administrators if you have questions about what is available in your organization.
  • Administrators can view all feedback that is shared with another user (either via recognition, directly to someone or to that person's manager) along with notes about yourself that you've shared with your manager.
  • Anything shared with a manager will also be visible up the "chain of command" so the manager's manager will have access; further, anything shared with a manager will become visible to a new manager should the manager change.

To create feedback, click the Feedback icon that appears in the lower-right corner.

A slideout that appears from the right-hand side provides the various options that are available for feedback. To start, you'll define who this feedback is about. You can select a single person or add multiple people to the feedback.

Next you will choose who you will share the feedback with:

  • Entire Company (Recognition) - This is our broadest version of feedback that is visible to all users in the organization. This public recognition will also appear on the dashboard in the company activity stream.
  • Subject - This will share your feedback directly with the subject(s) of the feedback. You'll have the additional option to add the subject's manager to the feedback so that person will also see the feedback provided.
  • Only Subject's Manager - This feedback will be given to the manager of the employee(s) selected; the subject(s) themselves will not see or be aware of the feedback.
  • Do Not Share - This is a private note that's only visible to you, but will be organized by the subject(s) for ease of locating the note in the future.

If you select only yourself as the subject of the feedback, that means you're documenting a note you want to remember and the sharing options will change. 

In this case, the sharing options include:

  • Your manager - This is a note that you have made visible to your manager.
  • Do Not Share - This is a note that's only visible to you.

Next, provide the content of the feedback.

You can include hashtags in the content that will assist in categorizing the feedback given across PerformYard. Your organization may also provide specific hashtags that are suggested for your use.

After providing the content of the feedback, a blue button will appear at the bottom to save/publish your feedback depending on the selections made.

This feedback will then be visible to the appropriate users depending on the subject(s) and sharing options selected. Feedback will appear on Dashboard activity streams as shown below.


Feedback that has been given to you:

Feedback that has been given to one of your direct reports:

Feedback will also be added to the daily event notification for both subjects and their managers where the content is visible to them.