Goal options (admin)

The exact setup for how goals are used varies from organization to organization. PerformYard allows administrators to set various permissions for what non-administrator employees can see and do when working with goals. There are also options for goal categories that directly relate to how your organization works and options to determine the Outlooks (denoted by color and context label) for use by your employees to characterize their goals.

The list of permissions are as follows. Change the setting by (checking or unchecking) the corresponding box and clicking Update.

  • Allow all users to view the goal alignment page: This enables every employee to see the Alignment option under Company Info - Goals where they can search/filter/navigate through public goals aligned to top goals.
  • Allow all users to view the goal overview:  This enables every employee to see the Overview option under Company Info - Goals that includes summary charts & graphs about goal progress and updates across the organization. 
  • Allow all users to view the company goal list: This enables every employee to see the List option under Company Info - Goals where they can see all public goals, as well as use filters to find specific goals or see listed any private goals for which they have permission to see.
  • Allow all users to delete their goals: This permission allows any employee to delete a goal for which they are the assignee, but only after archiving it. This option would enable an employee to completely remove a goal from PerformYard.
  • Allow all managers to delete their employees' goals: This permission allows managers to fully delete goals for their team members, but only after archiving. With this option, a manager can completely remove a goal from PerformYard.
  • Set goals to private by default: This option determines the setting for goal visibility when a goal is created, though a user can toggle between public and private regardless of the default.
  • Hide the goals tab for unrelated users: This option eliminates the ability of one employee to see the goal list of another employee if they do not have administrator or manager permissions to access that other employee's goals.
  • Allow Goal Weighting: This option allows employees to be able to specify a weight of their goal to show if goals are of more importance than others.

To add new categories, simply type the name you want and click Add Category. Remember that a single goal can have more than one category selected. 

You may edit or delete existing categories by hovering over the name of the category and selecting either the Pencil (to edit) or the X (to delete) [shown above to the right of Service & Support]. Editing will update all goals currently using that category. Deleting will not allow new goals to use that category, but will not remove it from existing goals.

Outlooks include a combination of a color and associated words. PerformYard includes a set of defaults (On Schedule/Target with Green, Caution with Yellow and At Risk with Red). You may add new Outlooks by selecting a color (using the name of a color or its hex value) and providing the verbal context. Then click Add Outlook. To edit or delete an existing outlook use the Pencil or X found after hovering over the name [shown to the right of At Risk].