Assigning goals to others / multiple people (admin or manager)

In addition to creating personal goals administrators and managers are able to assign goals to other employees. Administrators can create goals for any other user, while managers can create for their direct reports and others that report up to them. To assign a goal to another user, delete yourself from the Goal Assignment list.

Then use the search bar to find the employee to whom you want to assign the goal.

Administrators and managers also have the ability to assign the same goal to multiple people at once. While these are created as separate goals, they allow for easy goal development where many individuals have the same objective. To create one of these goals, you’ll use the same Create Goal button as if you were creating one for yourself or a single individual. Then when you get to the assignment section, select Assign goal to multiple employees.

On the next page, you'll see a list of everyone for whom you have permission to create a goal depending on your role:

  • If you are a manager, this will include every employee that reports to you or up to you via the chain of command.
  • If you are a group admin for a group set such that group admins have access to goals, this will include everyone in the group.
  • If you are an administrator/billing administrator, this will include all employees.

Check the box to the left of each employee you want to assign the goal. This screen may have multiple pages depending on how many employees there are where you have this permission. You can search for individuals in the search box at the top or select multiple individuals by group (or all), again depending on your permission. Check the Show only selected employees box after you have made some selections to see just those selected employees.

Click Done Selecting in the lower right after you have made your selection. The Assignment box will now display how many people you had selected:

Once you are satisfied with the goal, click Create Goal. A box will appear in the lower left directing you to a list of those goals if necessary; otherwise you can create more goals or return to your goal list.