Sharing your goals

PerformYard allows a goal to be shared across multiple employees. This feature enables a goal assignee to add others to the goal, where they can participate in updating the goal, adding/completing checklist items and communicating about the goal. When you share a goal with someone, note that the other employee will not be able to mark the goal as complete or archive it. Note that by default, any employee goal is already accessible by their manager and administrators, so sharing is not required for users in those roles to access the goal.

To share a goal, navigate to that goal's details by selecting an active goal from the Goals page. At the top of the goal page you’ll see if anyone already shares the goal.

Scroll down to Shared With to specifically see with whom the goal has been shared. 

To share with other employees, click the Pencil icon, and then start typing the name of the employee with whom you want to share. Select that person from the list and click Update.

Remove existing sharers by clicking the X to the right of their name.

Once a goal is shared, it will appear in each user's active goal list, annotated as one that either has been shared with you or that you have shared with another user. For example, as the above goal Develop 6 new partner relationships was shared by Jenny Sherman with Brad Palmer, Brad's goal list appears with Jenny's goal showing her as the assignee.