Managing or canceling a review (admin or manager)

Any review that is active or scheduled may be modified by administrators. Managers have some permissions to edit these reviews and make form assignments as well. Begin by locating the review you want to manage. You will likely find the review by going to that individual's Reviews page, or by finding the review in the My Team list on your Reviews page if the review subject is one of your direct reports. Once you locate the review, click Open Review to access its details.

At the top of the page you’ll see the subject of the review and beneath it the review’s title. You can click on the review’s title to edit it if necessary. Below that on the left hand side you will see the start date & time for the review, summary metrics of progress and a list of each form that is part of the review.

In the upper right, the Options menu includes various actions you may be able to take for this review depending on your permissions. These may include:

  • View All Answers: See and download answers to every form in the review consolidated into a single page.
  • Edit Review: Modify the review’s name and start date/time (if it has not yet started).
  • Lock Review: An administrator only function, this will allow an administrator to restrict the ability to edit this review to only administrators - limiting the permissions of a manager. If locked, this option will be to Unlock.
  • Add Form: Include a new form in the review. This requires selecting the form, defining author(s) and signer(s), setting due dates and setting visibility.
  • Add External Form: Include a reviewer that does not have a PerformYard account by selecting the form, adding that reviewer’s name and email address and providing an optional invitation message.
  • Download as .CSV: Export all answers from each form into a CSV.
  • Download as PDF: Export a full PDF that includes all of the forms in the review.
  • Close Review: If the review is still in process, this function will close the review such that it is no longer expected to be completed and will be paused in its current state.
  • Delete Review: Permanently remove the review and all of its forms from PerformYard (admin-only)

In the center of the page, you’ll see each form that is currently part of the review. Every form includes a form name, list of assignees for authoring and signing, due dates for authors and signers and the visibility of the form for the subject.

Click View to access a form. Note that you may not yet have permissions to see the contents of the form.

Click Edit to manage the form assignments. This will bring out the form edit pane from the right. Here you can:

  • Modify the list of authors and signers. You can search for more individuals to participate in the form, re-order the list of authors or signers and remove authors/signers. Where a form is “unassigned” you will want to add the intended author or signer and then remove the placeholder.
  • Change due dates for authors or signers if necessary.
  • Update the visibility to give or remove access to the review by the subject once the review has been completed.
  • Modify the redact author setting (admin only).

Click Copy to set up an identical form as the one you are duplicating, which will bring out the Add Form pane from the right, but with information copied over from the initial form. This will include:

  • Form Name
  • Signer(s)
  • Due date for authors
  • Due date for signers
  • Visibility to subject
  • Redact author (if allowed by your role)

Copy will not bring over Authors from the original form such that you can easily use this function to provision this form for one or more other employees to complete. If you add multiple employees to the author list and intend for each to have their own copy of the review form to complete, be sure to select the "Create a new form for each author?" option, otherwise the listed authors will be together on a single form where they will work in the order listed.

Some reviews may include External forms. To learn more about external forms, click this article.