Review dates & times (admin)

Assigning reviews individually or via review cycles includes a time-selection feature where you can pick your start time for a review in addition to the date for when you want the review to begin. You can then choose the time you want the review to start, from 12:00 AM, 9:00 AM, noon (12:00 PM) and 5:00 PM. The review’s start time will be set to the time zone in which the person assigning the review resides (detecting the time zone based on your computer’s settings). The days to complete will be initially based on the review template chosen, though the due dates/times can be modified on a form by form basis after assignment.

Here are two examples of how the start date/time and days to complete work. In this template, the form is set to have 3 days to complete (for authors) and then more 2 days to finish (for signers).

Example A: If you pick 12:00 AM on a Monday (August 24 in this example), the review will become available first thing on Monday. As the template is set for 3 days to complete for the author(s), then the review will be due for authors at 12:00 AM on Thursday (August 27), since that’s 3 days (i.e. 72 hours) later. This gives the author the full days of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to complete, and it will start showing as overdue on Thursday if not submitted. Adding two more days (i.e. 48 hours) for signers, then the review will be due on Saturday (August 29) at 12:00 AM for signers. This review will not appear as overdue until Saturday if not signed.

Example B: If you pick 5:00 PM on a Monday (again, August 24 in this example) for the review to begin and use the same template, then the due date & time for authors will be 5:00 PM on Thursday (72 hours later on August 27). After 5:00 PM on Thursday, it will appear as overdue for authors. For signers, it will be due at 5:00 PM on Saturday (48 hours after that on August 29) and appear overdue after that point.

Due dates & times will be adjusted for individuals based on their own time zone in relation to the time zone of the person assigning the review. This way, if an Administrator in US EST sets a review to be due at 5 PM, then it will be due at US EST 5 PM no matter where the author or signer is located.