Managing reviews at your organization (admin)

PerformYard offers administrators access to manage reviews and review processes via the Reviews link in Company Info. Here you will be able to run reviews via cycles or manage individual reviews, and also create/manage performance graphs. This article describes the basics of the Reviews page in Company Info, and includes links to more in depth articles as appropriate.

The Reviews page includes four menu options on the left hand side:

  • Review Cycles, which you can read more about here
  • All Reviews, which lists every review assigned in the organization as discussed below
  • Assignments, which details current review form assignments, also discussed below
  • Performance Graphs, which are graphical depictions of review results, discussed here

On the Reviews page, the default navigation is Review Cycles, which lists the review cycles that you have created and allows you to start new review cycles. Review cycles are discussed here. Using the left-hand navigation, the All Reviews option will provide you a listing of every review that has been assigned in PerformYard. You can page through all reviews, and click the name of a review to see the details. You can also assign a single review using the New Review link on the top.

This list can be sorted by Start Date, and there are filters available for Subject and Status (Active, Completed and Scheduled).

The Assignments option provides a summary of outstanding review form assignments. This lists each employee and the numbers of forms on which that employee is currently assigned to act. This includes both where they are the current author or signer (meaning they can log in and complete that activity immediately) and when they are on-deck for either (meaning that someone else needs to complete authoring or signing before they can do so). Additionally, PerformYard lists the number of forms that are overdue in each category.

Employee names are hyperlinks to that person's "Forms I Need to Do" list. Note that if one employee is "Unassigned", that means you have forms currently assigned with placeholders for actors. 

This page can be sorted by Employee or by Assigned/Overdue for any of the four categories. Additionally this page can be filtered to only show a specific employee or to only display users that have at least one overdue form.

Performance graphs shows a set of graphs of past performance from various reviews. Those are discussed in this article.