Redact author (admin)

PerformYard includes the ability for administrators to redact (i.e. hide / "anonymize") the names of authors on review forms in order to mask the authors' names throughout the review process. While administrators will always be able to see the authors' names, managers and employees will not be able to see the names of the other employees that have provided review input when this feature is turned on for a review form.

As PerformYard empowers administrators with the responsibility to manage and track all review assignments, a PerformYard review will not be fully anonymous. This redaction capability is only designed to limit the exposure of an author's name to a review subject and their management. It does not make an author's name fully anonymous to all users, so administrators will know who completed a form and what they may have written. That said, for non-administrators, on dashboards, forms lists and PDFs, author names will disappear or be displayed as "Anonymous" so that who authored a form is not shown.

If you would like to redact the authors on a form, you can do so when adding the form to a review or editing a form already in a review. This selection is distinct from the visibility of the completed form to the subject, so it can be turned on and off independently of that. Toward the bottom of the add/edit window, you'll find the Redact author(s) checkbox to enable the feature on this specific form.

If you have selected to redact authors, the form will appear for you (administrator) in the list view with the additional line of Redact author(s) and a green check. If you have not redacted authors, this line will not appear at all. Note that you, as an administrator, can still see the author names even though Redact authors is turned on.

This same form will appear to the review's subject (if visible) or their management with the additional Redact author(s) line, but the names are replaced with "Anonymous" and a placeholder avatar.

When one of the authors on the form views it, while they will see their name at the top of the page, the panel at right will show that their name has been redacted from the review.

You can also add "redact authors" to forms in a template.

Note that once Redact author(s) has been turned on for a form, only an administrator can edit that setting, but others with permission may make other changes to the form (e.g. updates to due dates, visibility). A manager or group admin will not have the ability to adjust author(s) in order to maintain author confidentiality.

When using the View All Answers capability in a form (and its corresponding PDF download), where authors have been redacted, the header will appear as:

Additionally, the answers will be shown as:

Form PDFs will similarly be anonymized such as:

The same will be true in CSVs as shown: