One-time reviews (admin & manager)

Administrators and managers can assign individual reviews to employees. Administrators are able to assign for any user, while managers are limited in assigning new reviews to those employees that report to them or are further down in their chain of command. To assign a new review, navigate to a user's Reviews tab. You can find any employee from the Directory available under Company Info or navigate to that person via links from your dashboard.

Once you have located the user, select that user's Reviews tab and click Create Review.

You will be prompted to select which review template you want to use. Locate that template in the list and click Create Review.

Select the date and time when you want the review to begin. Use the calendar function to select a date. You may also click the clock icon below the calendar to set a specific time. Time options include 12:00 AM, 9:00 AM, noon and 5:00 PM. Based on that time and the number of days in the template, due dates will be calculated accordingly. After selecting the date & time, click Next.

Next you can validate the assignments for forms in the template; these will pre-populate with the defaults defined in the template, but they can be changed on an individual basis. You can edit any individual form’s assignments, changing who completes or defining individuals for placeholder roles that may be undefined. You may also add more forms or delete forms that were part of the template.

Click Start Review to complete the process and establish the review. The screen will refresh to display the details of the assigned review that may be changed further based on your permissions. Any placeholders that were not assigned will appear as Unassigned. Once the review is assigned, you can start managing the review using the Options menu. If the start date for the review has passed, then you can start working on any form where you are the initial author.