Send back and sign off comments

Sendback here should be used when the form needs to be sent back to an actor (for changes) before the form can be finalized. When you click Sendback here, you will be prompted to provide comments as to why you are sending the form back, and the form will reopen to the actor. These comments are helpful to provide instructions for changes that need to be made or clarifications that are necessary. The actor will receive a notification that a form has been sent back.

Sendback comments will be displayed at the top of the form until the form reaches the person who initiated the sendback.  When the form is submitted or signed off by the sendback initiator, the sendback comments are removed. 

Who can select Sendback here? An Administrator and an assigned actor (additional author or signer) on the form after the initial author.

Sign off comments are optional for any signer on a form. If a signer chooses to add sign off comments, the comments will remain at the bottom of the form with the sign off timestamp and can be seen by anyone who has access to the review form. 

Sign off comments can be useful for signers that would like to record final thoughts or reactions to a review form. For example, an employee who is a signer on their downward evaluation can leave sign off comments to log that they met with their manager or just react to the review received. The sign off comments will be displayed when the individual form is downloaded as a PDF, but is not included in CSV review data.