Import CSV

PerformYard allows administrators to both create accounts in bulk and edit employee data via CSV upload. CSV upload is available under the Options menu on the Employees page.

PerformYard recommends using the Download CSV link to download an appropriate template for your user data. This download will include all of your data fields (including your custom fields), so it makes a great place to start. Further, each user's information will already be associated with their email address if you are updating employee data.

PerformYard uses an employee's email address as its unique identifier, therefore email address MUST be a column in your CSV. Where the email address in the CSV is already found in PerformYard, any new data that's imported will update data fields associated with that employee. Where the email address is not found, PerformYard will create a new user account using that email address. This is especially important to remember should your CSV have any typos or email address changes.

To upload a CSV, click Upload CSV on the Controls menu of the Employees list; then click Choose File and select your CSV data file.

PerformYard will attempt to match the column names in your spreadsheet to the available fields for user data. Each column in your CSV file will appear, along with an example using the first employee in your CSV and the matching PerformYard data field. Uncheck a row in this list to not import that data into PerformYard. Use the drop-downs in the PerformYard Property column to select the appropriate data field if the matching was not successful.

Click Upload to finalize your data upload. Once the upload is finished, PerformYard will note any errors that may have occurred.

Please note that importing into certain field types require specificity, including:

  • Prior to uploading a CSV, check for spaces in the email and manager field (Find & Replace is an effective method)*
  • For fields such as Manager where you are selecting another PerformYard user, please use that employee's email address.
  • For single-select data fields, the imported text must exactly match the options available.
  • For multi-select data fields, the imported information must include text that matches exactly and multiple options must be separated by a semicolon.
  • For date fields, the data must be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY.

*Email address is the unique identifier in PerformYard. If an email address is off by a character (including a space) in your CSV file, that is not an exact match and a new employee account may be created.