Administration options


Administrators have a series of options to configure PerformYard within their organization. These options appear on the Home page of Administration and include settings for session timeouts, custom branding, and feature enablement.

Custom Branding

Custom branding, if enabled for your organization, allows you to upload a logo to PerformYard and change the color scheme of the top navigation bar. This may include the PerformYard logo against a white background with grey icons by default.

To upload your logo in PNG or JPG file formats, click "Change Logo" and select your logo file. Once uploaded, click "Save" to store your logo. Please note that horizontally-oriented logos are optimal; PerformYard will scale your logo to a height of 35 pixels and then crop to fit within a 35x250 pixel container.

You may select new colors for the navigation bar and icons. Please enter HEX or RGB color values for each. We recommend contrasting colors to ensure that navigation icons remain noticeable for users. Click "Save Colors" after selecting new colors. You can also reset branding back to the PerformYard defaults by clicking "Reset Branding."


Administrators may choose to disable available features for their PerformYard account. Changing these settings will hide menu options and features from all users in your organization. Further, please note that disabling certain features may result in removing or archiving open items. For example, if goals are disabled, all outstanding goals will be archived, and your users will not be able to access existing goals or create new goals.

Company Settings

Company Settings allows you to set options and preferences that apply to your company, including timezone, handling of manager reassignments, and preferences for precision in calculations.

Company Settings

Default TimeZone

The time zone is used when setting preferences for notifications; this default will be given to all new users in PerformYard, but then can be managed by each employee individually.  We recommend setting this to cover where the bulk of your team members are located. 

Reassign on Manager Changes

You can also set a preference for updating incomplete review forms when a user's manager changes. If this setting is Off, all open forms where the prior manager is an author or signer (where they have not completed their action) will remain assigned to that user. When changing this setting to On, when a user's manager changes from one manager to another, outstanding form assignments from the original manager will be updated to be assigned to the new manager. This setting will apply to all future manager changes and incomplete review form author/signer assignments. Note that no changes will be made if a user is updated to no longer have a manager or if a user is updated from no manager assigned to a manager assigned.

Decimal Places for Rounding Calculations

You can set your preference for the number of decimal places that should be shown on calculation questions.  This setting is global and will apply to the display of past calculation questions and new calculation questions.  The setting is also honored in PDF download and CSV export of a review.