Closing a Review Cycle (admin)

Closing a Review Cycle

It's important to make sure outstanding reviews are wrapped up at the end of your process, see the steps below on how to close a cycle.

  • Navigate to the Company Info page and click on the Reviews tab. 
Note: You can filter the cycle list to show only active cycles by clicking the filter button to the left of the green New Review Cycle button.

  • Click on the cycle name to open the cycle of interest.

From the cycle detail page, check for completion to see where incomplete reviews are stuck. They could be incomplete by authors, signers or both. The pie chart below can tell you how many subject’s reviews are complete. Below, you can see how many forms are compete, authors, and signers. 

You can check individual reviews to see which specific steps need to be complete. An Administrator can decide to remove outstanding actors on a form to force the form to completion. 

  • Click Open Review to see specifics of an employee’s review.
Note: Only a complete form will be visible to the subject's chain of command and any future manager.
To force a form to completion, click Edit on the form of interest and click the x next to the actor's name you want to remove then click Update. If the form is visible to the subject, the subject will receive an email notification the form has been completed. 
Note: Forcing a form to completion is only helpful when a form is partially complete. A form that has not been started won’t have any content and therefore actors do not need to be removed.
  • Once you have forced any outstanding forms to completion, click the Options menu and Close Cycle to close out remaining active reviews. 

Close Cycle: If the review is still in process, this function will close the review such that it is no longer expected to be completed and will be paused in its current state. Any active 360 forms will automatically be disabled when the cycle is closed.

If all your reviews within your cycle are complete, you will not see Close Cycle under the Options menu. This is expected as the Close Cycle function is to close out reviews still in process. 

When you look at your cycle list, any cycles with the 360 Enabled badge indicate there are 360 forms within the cycle that are able to be assigned. 

When you close your cycle those 360 forms will automatically be disabled, however if all reviews in your cycle are complete you will need to explicitly make your 360 forms not active. This will ensure that no additional forms are added to the cycle after the reviews have been completed. 

  • Click the cycle name to open it
  • Click Options, Edit
  • Switch to view the 360 Forms section
  • Look for forms marked as Active and use the Edit button to disable