Dashboard Cohorts Page

Cohorts Page

The Cohorts Page provides the ability to analyze employee satisfaction and engagement by groups of employees and to compare the various cohorts' satisfaction factors versus the overall company-wide employee ratings on the same factors to identify areas of potential improvement with specific employee cohorts or groups of employees.

Satisfaction Trendline

The Satisfaction Trend Chart will display the historical satisfaction across all employees and selected cohorts for the selected period.  The chart compares the historical satisfaction for up to 4 different cohorts and the overall employee satisfaction. Individual points on the trend chart are hoverable and will display a tooltip with the actual value at that point.    

Satisfaction Factors

The Factors radar chart will show the scores for the individual factors contributing to the overall satisfaction rating for the selected cohort and period. You can hover your mouse over a point to get a specific value representing the average score across all surveys and answers during the specified time range. 

Interactive Drill-down from the Satisfaction Trend Chart

It is also possible to investigate the factor scores contributing to the overall satisfaction score for a specific point on the trendline by selecting (clicking) the point on the trendline, which will update the factor radar chart to show the individual scores contributing to the overall score.

Cohort Satisfaction Heatmap

The Cohort Satisfaction Heatmap chart allows for comparison of cohorts across the various factors of engagement and satisfaction, and if enabled, also comparison across eNPS scores for the cohorts.  The first row of the table displays the overall scores across All Employees for comparison or benchmarking purposes with the different cohorts.   The column headers can initiate column sorting to more easily discover which cohorts are more or less satisfied or engaged on certain factors.