Merging Questions on a Reviews Report using Question Groups


Companies implementing their review processes and cycles sometimes offer tailored review forms for different departments or specific employees. For example, an engineering department may tailor their review questions to engineering topics like code quality, while a sales team may ask questions related to meeting pipeline creation goals. Both departments may include a question on a different form that leads to an overall rating score that could allow for comparing employees across departments.  A question group will allow treating these two separate questions from different forms, the engineering rating question from the engineering form and the sales rating question from the sales form as if they had been a unified employee rating question for analysis across subjects.

Grouping (merging) Questions

The ability to create one or more question groups is launched from the report column picker.  The last section in the column picker is labeled "Question Groups" and will list any question groups already created. One can also create a new question group by clicking the Create button.   

Pressing the Create button will open the Create Question Group dialog. One can select one or more questions to combine and give the grouped question a new name, such as "My Question Group."  

Note: The list of available questions for grouping is limited to Numeric-type (Numeric, Rating Scale) and Text questions (additional question types will be supported in future updates.)

Adding a Question Group as a Column

Once a new question group has been created, one can add it as a new column for the report by selecting it as one would do for any other column.

Ungrouping Question Groups

It is also possible to remove and replace a question group with its component questions in the report table by choosing Ungroup Questions.