Reference of Available Fields for Review Reports

Reference: Available Data Fields for Review Reports

The report builder for Reviews reports offers the ability to supplement the base review form data with additional employee data, review data, and review cycle data.  The tables below list the available fields and their descriptions as a reference.

Employee Fields

First Name Employee (Subject) First or Given Name
Last Name Employee (Subject) Last Name
Nickname Employee (Subject) Nickname or Preferred Name
Group Employee Group
Manager Employee's (Subject) Manager
Contributors Employee's (Subject) Contributors or Secondary Managers
Hire Date Employee's (Subject) Hire Date
Termination Employee's (Subject) Termination Date, blank if currently active
Other Custom Fields

In addition to standard employee fields, any custom data fields are also available for use in the Reviews report.

Review Cycle Fields

Review Cycle Page

Field Description
Cycle Name    Name of the Review Cycle.  Blank for Reviews outside of a review cycle (ad-hoc reviews)
Cycle Start Date    Start date of the Review Cycle. Blank for Reviews outside of a review cycle (ad-hoc reviews)
Cycle Group Name    Name of the Group for this Review Cycle if a Group Review Cycle
Template Name Name of the Review Template for this review cycle
Cycle Status
Current status of the review cycle (Completed, In Progress)

Review Fields

Review Page

Field Description
Review Subject Subject (Employee) of the review and its forms
Review Name Name of the review
Review Start Date Start date of the review
Review Complete Date Date the review and all its forms were completed
Review Participants The list of authors and signers for the review forms in the review
Review Status Status of the review (completed, in progress)
360 Enabled True when the review includes one or more 360 forms
360 Forms Awaiting Approval The number of 360 forms in the review awaiting approval by a signer

Review Form Fields

Review Form Page

Field Description
Form Name Name of the Form
Form Status Status of the review form (completed, started)
Authors' Due Date Date for all the authors to complete authoring the review form
Signers' Due Date Date for all the signers to complete signing the review form
Form Complete Date Date the form was completed (authored and signed)
Form Authors List of authors for the form
Form Signers
List of signers for the form
Questions from the review form.

Note: The following review form question types are not currently available in reporting: Instruction Questions, Multi-Select Questions, Goal Creation Questions, and Goal Discussion Questions.