Managers and Contributors (admin)

Every employee account in PerformYard includes two data fields that provide other users with permissions related to performance information about a specific employee: Manager and Contributors. A manager is a single select 'person' field where you can select a user's primary manager. Contributor is a multi-select 'people' field where you can select one or more people who will also oversee a user's performance (akin to a secondary or dotted-line manager). 

  • The manager field drives the organizational chart (if available).
  • The manager field determines the "manager's manager" and those further up the hierarchy, which will be referred to as the chain of command in this article.
  • Managers are displayed with direct reports and typically have access to "my team" lists that include information about their direct reports only.
  • Where an employee's information is available to a contributor, typically, the contributor will need to go to the employee's dashboard.

Manager and contributor have very similar permissions, with a few key differences outlined below and summarized in the table at the bottom.


  • Manager, the chain of command, and contributors have access to the employee's dashboard, including review forms, reviews, feedback, and goals.
  • Manager has a MyTeam toggle on the dashboard to display information about direct reports; chain of command can toggle the dashboard of their direct report to see information about that person's team of direct reports.

Data Fields

  • Manager and chain of command have access to view and/or edit employee data fields that have been explicitly designated as manager-visible or manager-editable.


  • Manager, the chain of command, and contributors have access to all feedback that has been "shared with the manager." This includes recognition, feedback shared with the manager, feedback shared with the employee and manager, and employee notes shared with the manager. To view this feedback, these roles must navigate to the employee's Dashboard or Feedback pages.
  • Managers also see feedback shared with them about direct reports on their dashboard, as well as when viewing their own Feedback page (via My Team's Feedback).


  • Manager, chain of command, and contributors can view all goals owned by an employee and their respective details via the employee's Dashboard or Goals pages. They can also make edits, updates, comments, and status changes. 
  • Managers have direct access to direct report's goal information from their dashboard's My Team view and their own Goals page (via My Team's Goals).


  • Manager, chain of command, and contributors can view all reviews and their respective forms where the employee is the subject via the employee's Dashboard or Reviews pages. They can view, edit (if not locked), and assign reviews/review forms. They can also add and delete forms, as well as modify most form parameters, and utilize 360 forms set up for manager assignment or approval.
  • Managers have review access via My Team from their own Reviews page and the My Team view on their own dashboard.
  • Manager, manager's manager, and contributors can be assigned as placeholders in review templates; similarly, the direct report placeholder in review templates is based on the employee-manager relationship. 


  • Manager, chain of command, and contributors have access to an employee's Documents page, where they can download documents (visible to management) as well as upload new documents.


  • Managers can elect to receive certain notifications that relate to their direct reports; there are no specific notifications for contributors.
Feature Manager Chain of Command Contributor
Dashboard: Employee's dashboard with review forms, reviews, feedback, and goals Yes Yes Yes
Dashboard: My Team toggle Yes Only direct reports No
Data Fields: Access to data about employee Yes Yes No
Feedback: All feedback "shared with manager" Yes Yes Yes
Feedback: My Team's Feedback page with feedback about my direct reports Yes Only direct reports No
Goals: All public and private goals with edit/update Yes Yes Yes
Goals: My Team's Goals page with goals assigned to my direct reports Yes Only direct reports No
Reviews: All reviews about the employee with assign/edit/modify if not locked/redacted Yes Yes Yes
Reviews: My Team review page with reviews where direct reports are subjects Yes Only direct reports No
Reviews: Assignment in templates Yes Manager's manager only Authors
Documents: Employee's documents page with available documents Yes Yes Yes
Notifications: Selection of notifications for direct reports Yes Only direct reports No