Gusto Integration


If you are a Gusto customer on a PerformYard Enterprise account, you can set up the PerformYard-Gusto integration to automatically pull data from Gusto into PerformYard. You must be an Admin in PerformYard and Gusto to set up this integration. 

If you are not a Gusto customer, you can learn more about Gusto here. If you are a Gusto customer already, please confirm with your Customer Success Manager that the integration is available in your account.

Getting Started

To get started, navigate to the HRIS Integrations link in the Administration section of PerformYard where you can connect to Gusto. Click Connect to Gusto to log in to your Gusto account and authorize PerformYard access.

Connect Fields

The initial step for connecting PerformYard and Gusto is to confirm the data fields you want to sync. First Name, Nickname and Last Name are required; other fields are not. If you choose to sync any other fields, note that those fields will be overwritten by data in Gusto for existing PerformYard accounts that you link and for newly created PerformYard accounts. You will no longer be able to edit these data fields within PerformYard, and they will be kept up to date based on data updates in Gusto.

Please note that the  work email address is going to be used to match users between Gusto and PerformYard as well as create new users.  Updates to email addresses in Gusto will not update the address in PerformYard as the address in PerformYard is also the user's login and must be changed individually.

Import Employees

After finalizing your data fields, you will begin the process of reviewing existing, active employees in Gusto and determining what to do with those people in PerformYard.

If you have already created accounts for staff in PerformYard, we will attempt to match those users to their Gusto account based on their email address (Patricia Churchland example below). If no email address is found, the initial prompt is to create a PerformYard account for that person (Soren Kierkegaard example below).

If you do not want to match Patricia Churchland in Gusto with Patricia Churchland in PerformYard, click Remove. Likewise, if you do not want to create a new account for Soren Kierkegaard, click the red X in the Create New column. You can also search for an existing PerformYard user by typing that user's name into the text box in the Selected column. After matching all users or creating new, click Next to move to another list of users. Any user not matched or created will be automatically set to Ignore (Isaiah Berlin example above). After you have reviewed all employees, you'll return to the Integrations page.

This page will show any Gusto employee that has not been matched with a PerformYard account. Going forward, newly added people to Gusto will appear in this list for action.

You will have three options for these employees:

  1. In the selected column, search for an existing PerformYard user to whom you want to match this Gusto employee.
  2. Create new, which will prompt to create a new, linked PerformYard account with that email address.
  3. Ignore, where you can park Gusto employees for whom you do not want a PerformYard account.

For any selected/matched user, you can also click the blue View button to open that employee's profile in a new window. There are also options to select "Create New" and "Ignore" for all users listed. Note that any employee listed that has been terminated/deactivated in either system will have that status shown.

Above the employee list, you'll have options to search for employees and filter the list. The filter options appear below. If no employees match the filters, you will receive a message describing that fact.

  • The default filter set is for Gusto employees to connect/add to PerformYard. These are newly added folks to Gusto or those that were not matched/added, so you can easily create PerformYard accounts for these employees by selecting the Create New box. You can also choose to ignore any of these employees.
  • Currently connected Gusto employees will show all Gusto employees that have been matched. You can delink any users here if necessary. Typically no action will be required here.
  • Connected Gusto employees terminated in Gusto and active in PerformYard. This will be those employees that have been terminated in Gusto where you'll need to deactivate them in PerformYard. Click the View button to open their PerformYard profile where you can edit/deactivate.
  • Connected Gusto employees terminated in Gusto and deactivated in PerformYard. This list will show you those folks terminated in Gusto and deactivated in PerformYard. This list is typically for reference as no action is usually required.
  • Gusto employees previously set to Ignore will identify anyone you Ignored as one of the options above should you want to provide a PerformYard account in the future (or link to a PerformYard account).

Editing Employee Data from Gusto

As mentioned, when a user is connected with Gusto, you will not be able to edit their information in PerformYard. The below screenshot demonstrates how those data fields will appear when attempting to edit that user.

Once you have connected employees, you can view the Integration Logs, accessible from the Administration Section to see any updates or errors that may have occurred. These logs provide statistics about those connected employees - how many were connected, updated, failed or did not have updates.

Select any log to view details of what occurred in that integration sync, where you can filter by status as needed. Any errors for individuals will be noted here with a reason. To view data that was updated for any employee, return to the Reporting section within Company Info and select the Recent Changes report.