Requesting feedback

If enabled for your organization, employees have the option to request feedback from other employees. When a request is received, that employee may choose to provide/share feedback based on the various feedback options selected for the organization. Please note:

  • Feedback requests are available for two weeks from the time they are submitted
  • The recipient of a request is not obligated to provide feedback; they may dismiss the request without providing feedback or they may allow the request to expire
  • A user may not request feedback from someone else if they have an outstanding request for the same recipient that has not been acted on (feedback given or ignored)

How to request feedback

To request feedback from another user, hover over the bubble in the lower right corner and click on the Request Feedback button that appears.

Once you select, a slideout will appear from the right-hand side to enter your request. Choose the person (or people) you would like to receive feedback from. You can select one or more individuals to whom you will make separate feedback requests. Then provide an optional message if there's context around the request you want to provide. Click Request Feedback to send that request to the other user(s). Note that the message text cannot exceed 560 characters.

Managing your requests of others

Previous requests that are still open (have not been responded to, dismissed or expired) will appear in the Outgoing Feedback Requests list found in the Feedback section. For each outstanding request, you will see the name of the person requested, the message (with a Show More button to see the full text of any message) and the expiration date of the request. 

Options are available to edit the message or delete the request.

Managing requests made of you

If another user has requested feedback of you, the feedback requests will appear in the Feedback box on the dashboard.

Click to Give Feedback directly within the request from the dashboard or click the Feedback tab to view your Incoming Feedback Requests list. All open requests will appear in this list with the name of the person who requested the feedback, their optional message (with a Show More button to see the full text of any message), the expiration date of the feedback and two action buttons: Give Feedback and Ignore.

Click Give Feedback to provide feedback to the requestor. Click Ignore to dismiss the request. If you do not take any action, the request will expire.

How to respond to a feedback request

If you select Give Feedback in the incoming feedback request list, the familiar feedback slideout will appear from the right-hand side, but it will be pre-populated with the recipient and also show any message they provided.

Select the appropriate audience with which you would like to share the feedback (e.g. subject or subject's manager) and enter your feedback text. Any response to a feedback request does not require that you provide feedback directly to the requestor. Click Give Feedback to provide your feedback. This will also dismiss the incoming feedback request and make the feedback available to the selected audience. Feedback you have given will then appear in the Feedback I've Given list.

Notifications for feedback requests

There are two Daily/ASAP notifications for feedback request and one Weekly digest notification.

In the Daily notification, you can choose to be notified when you have received a feedback request, either As Soon as Possible or in your Daily email notification. You can also choose to be reminded of any requests that will expire within 24 hours to which you have not responded or have not dismissed.

In the Weekly Digest, you can choose to be notified about how many open requests you have at the time of the email.

Note that any feedback given in response to a request will result in the same notifications as unsolicited feedback.