Slack Integration

Customers who use Slack may add the PerformYard Slack App to publish all Recognition from PerformYard to your preferred Slack channel. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to enable the Slack integration in your account. 

If you also have the Feedback option "Allow feedback to be shared with everyone (recognition)" enabled, you will see a new section in the Feedback settings for Slack.

Click the Add to Slack button to choose the Slack channel where you want recognition to be posted. You can choose from any channel for which you have access; additionally you can choose to have feedback sent via direct message or to your own Slackbot. Then click Install. 

The addition of the integration will be listed with your name in the selected Slack channel.

When recognition is given in PerformYard, that feedback will post to Slack with links back to PerformYard for the author, message content and subject(s).

Once you have added the PerformYard Slack App you will be provided a link to change the integration and select a different channel on the Feedback settings page. You may only select one channel at a time.

If you desire to remove the integration entirely, you must go to Slack - Administration - Manage Apps to remove the integration. Please note that if you turn off Recognition for your users, the integration will be disabled in PerformYard, but would still need to be removed from Slack.