PerformYard includes a standard report in the Reporting section for administrators that details all feedback that has been shared across the organization. This includes public recognition as well as feedback shared from one employee to another (including just to an employee's manager or a note that one employee has shared with their own manager). This report does not include private notes that are kept solely to the employee. To view this report, click the link to the Feedback Report.

This report includes the following six columns. Some of these columns are filterable. These columns include:

  • Subject: The employee(s) that the feedback is about.
  • Author: The employee that gave the feedback.
  • Hashtags: The hashtags that were included in the feedback, if any. These are filterable based on your Reportable Hashtags set up in Administration.
  • Shared With: The audience for the feedback; this may include Everyone (recognition), Subject, Subject's Manager or Subject and Subject's Manager.
  • Date: The date that the feedback was given.
  • Content: The details of the feedback. Note that this is a hyperlink to a page that includes solely that feedback.

This report is also exportable to .CSV with any filters applied.